Ceiling Lifts

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Permanent and Portable Ceiling Lifts by Arjo

Ceiling Lifts are the ideal solution for handling individuals with safety and dignity.  ARJO offers two types: Permanent and Portable.

A permanent ceiling lift is the ideal solution for the family that is planning on being in the same home for a long period of time.  KWIKtrak's low profile design blends nicely into any room decor.  A simple straight track design provides basic point to point transfers.  The addition of curved track allows access to the bathroom for toilet and bathing needs.  Optional turntables, exchangers and gates eliminate almost all mobility barriers and allow the lift to be used to its fullest potential.

The portable system has a freestanding aluminum rail that is easy to assemble and level insuring correct placement of the legs. This system is primarily designed for smaller spaces and point to point transfers - wheelchair to bed, bed to chair, even in the bathroom.  Also available using similar rails are floor to ceiling pressure fit systems and wall mounted systems which are considered semi-permanent.

NOTE: All ceiling lifts are designed to be used with the assistance of a caregiver. It is only under rare exceptions that they can be used solely by the client.


EasyTrack FS

The Easy Track FS is a free standing solution for all types of point to point transfers - wheelchair to bed, bed to chair, and bathroom.  The Easytrack FS has a safe working load of 440 lbs.  The lightweight aluminum bases feature adjustable levelers to ensure that the unit is stable when assembled.  The posts have been designed to be self-aligning. The rail can be extended up to a width of 9.5 feet.  The portable battery-powered rechargeable lift is used to gently lift and assist you in the safe and secure transfer of your loved one. Note: shown with V3 / Maxi Sky 440.

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Pressure Fit and Wall Systems

Using the same lift additional systems can be designed which are of a more permanent design but are easily removed when necessary. These systems can range from a simple 2 post, 3 post with pivoting 3rd track, 4 post with moving 3rd track (shown) pressure fit system.  Same options with wall brackets, or a bath adapter.  Note: shown is the VOYAGER lift.


Maxi Sky 440

The Maxi Sky 440  combines the features of a fixed system with the benefits of maximum flexibility.  Weighing just 14 lbs.  the compact lift cassette, with its folding sling hooks and integrated carry handle, is easy to move  from room to room. Using an additional strap called the Tarzan hook allows smooth and easy transfers between track systems or rooms. Note: The previous version was called V3.



Maxi Sky 2

The Maxi Sky 2 is a fixed system lift.  The cassette has a lifting capacity of 600 lbs.  It is available as a 2 function (raises and lowers patient) or as a 4 function (raises and lower patient and propels itself along the track) unit.  It comes with a charging station and can be programmed to return to the charging station once the job is done (4 function only). This ensures that the cassette is fully charged and ready to be used. It can be set by the technician to lift limits of 220 lbs and 440 lbs if requested.

Maxi Sky 2 Basic is the same unit as the older Maxi Sky 600 model but with digital readouts.

Maxi Sky 2 is as above but with “quick connect” adaptor for use with multiple types of hanger bars. Not necessary in the home setting.