Ceiling Lift Installations

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Associated Partners in Healthcare is an Arjo Certified Installer and we are able to offer customized ceiling lift installations

The process can take a few weeks and involves the following steps:

  • 1

    Initial meeting

    Includes discussion of individual needs and wants, equipment options, installation options, rough design of track layout, and visual inspection of attic area with special emphasis on accessibility to area above the proposed installation.

  • 2

    Submission of assessment to Arjo for approval.

  • 3

    Second meeting to present the "approved" Arjo installation drawings and price quote.

    If accepted, schedule installation date and obtain deposit.

  • 4

    Order equipment from Arjo.  

    Delivery generally takes 7-10 days.

  • 5

    Installation of equipment, structural weight test, training on use of equipment.

  • 6

    One week follow-up visit to perform additional training, inspect system, answer any questions.

Below are photographs taken of actual installations performed by Associated Partners in Healthcare.

Bathroom with limited attic access.

Required access from below to mount hardware to joists.

This job took 3 days due to the limited attic access which required the use of an outside contractor to tape and finish the ceiling as well as moving the shower light and vent.

These photos show some of the obstacles that need to be worked around.

With proper pre-assessment they usually pose no delay.