The ENTERPRISE 9000+ Bed

The Enterprise 9000+ bed is a specialized full spectrum electric profiling bed with a simple to use integrated weigh scale for individuals up to 500 lbs.

Enterprise 9000+ bed

The bed incorporates a number of features including:

  • Bed Exit Alarm which reduces the risk of falls.
  • Anti-Entrapment System which automatically stops lowering the bed until an obstruction is removed reducing the risk of entrapment to the individual, caregivers, or pets.
  • Auto-contour places the individual in an excellent chair position. The calf can remain lowered or raised.
  • Lockouts can be activated by the family or caregivers eliminating some of the functions of the bed.
  • A Digital Angle Indicator provides the precise angle of the bed sections as well as the angle of Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg tilt.

Available for new purchase or rental (only one available for rental at this time).  Rental pricing includes a DFS3 mattress system. Current Rental cost is $645.00 per month.  This item is not covered by Medicare or other insurances.

NOTE: This bed does not disassemble and we only deliver to a ground floor room.  Doors and halls must be a minimum of 42 inches.  Set-up requiring special services (upstairs, placing on its side or end, etc) will require an additional charge paid directly to the movers.  Currently we are using a reputable Piano Moving Company to provide this service.