Associate Partners In Healthcare offers a full range of high quality patient lift equipment to meet the most common patient care needs.  Safe handling of your loved ones and patients are important.  The following represents our most popular products from the ARJOHUNTLEIGH Group, a leading global provider of quality healthcare products and systems.  Our products match and balance your needs and budget.

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Maxi Move Patient Lift

Patient Lifts

Maxi Move is a mobile passive lifter that offers flexible solutions for patients and residents in all types of home and healthcare environments.  With a modular approach, you can create a customized Maxi Move configuration with the features, accessories, and degree of flexibility that you need for your loved ones, patients, or residents. The Maxi Move system has many new or improved design features and options, some of them unique for mobile, passive lifter including stability, positioning, and a powered spreader bar for heavier patients.

SARA 3000 Patient Lift

Patient lifts

The SARA 3000 offers a great blend of both functionality and quality, bringing a higher standard of care within affordable reach.  The ergonomic design with a Safe Working Weight of 440 lbs.  and powered features of the SARA 3000 standing and raising aid enables a single caregiver to provide first-class care during routine resident handling activities.  High product quality means reliable, long-term performance.   Included with the SARA 3000 is a medium deluxe comfort sling and an extra battery.  In short, SARA 3000 represents a low cost of ownership for better long-term care.

SARA Stedy Patient Lift

Patient lifts

The SARA Stedy is the latest innovation in transferring aids for individuals weighing up to 400 lbs.  Its unique design allows patients who can bear weight and stand up independently to be easily transferred to and from the bed, chair, and toilet.  The SARA  Stedy design encourages the patient to participate in the transfer, thus improving circulation, breathing, digestion, and muscle tone, while also reducing stiffness.  Flip-down seat supports allow the patient to relax and sit comfortably during the maneuver.

SARA Plus Patient Lift

Patient lifts

The SARA Plus’s unique design lets loved ones and residents rise to an upright standing position for dressing, toileting, and transferring, as well as for balance, stepping and walking practice.  Extra support is given by the Comfort Circle, which is comprised of the Arc-Rest and a sling selected for individual needs.  The unique Arc-Rest is an integral part of the lifting mechanism, providing exceptional upper body support during the raising action.  Another unique feature, the Pro-Active Pad (a height-adjustable knee support) promotes a better transition to the standing position by allowing natural flexion of the ankle.


Patient walkers

The Walker supports the patient in such a way that they are free to practice walking, yet are protected from falls and trips.  This builds their confidence without obstructing the physical therapist’s requirements.  The ARJO Walker is variable in height, with adjustable hand grips and straps to ensure that it is suitable for different patients.  It’s widely used in rehabilitation and physical therapy departments, as well as homes.

Maxi Lite Patient Lift

Patient lifts

The Maxi Lite is the ideal lift for all daily lifting requirements for any patient up to 350 lbs.  It performs general lifts, such as bed to chair, chair to toilet, chair to car (with dps), and from the floor with ease.  The Maxi Lite is collapsible, which means easier portability and less storage space.  It is available with either a 4-point dps (shown)  or 2-point spreader bar.

SARA Lite Patient Lift

Patient lifts

Sara Lite  standing and raising aid is designed to raise and lower semi-dependent residents weighing up to 385 lbs.  for transfers and toileting.  The lift can be operated safely and efficiently by a single caregiver.  Weighing just 130 lbs the Sara Lite is an easy-to-use solution with flexibility to benefit a wide range of care settings.

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